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We are a team of enthusiastic professionals working towards "Quality Healthcare" to all. With the right mix of young talents and experienced patriarchs from fields such as IT, Healthcare and Finance, we are marching towards building the largest "Healthcare Community" where all is well irrespective of where and what people are.  We dream of and work for the day in which HealthyYouTM is the synonym for "Healthcare For All".  

Mission & Value

"To transform the current Indian Healthcare System & help India to reach high International Standards in Health care : by Provision of Qualitative (Healthcare) Service i.e. …

  • Easily Accessible
  • Continuous
  • Coordinated
  • Compassionate
  • Comprehensive & yet,
  • Cost Effective"


To develop & provide total automated Healthcare Delivery System i.e. : Simple, Effective & Proactive for the end-users 

Key Factor

  • Innovation & Creativity : We are committed to bring innovative & creative products as well services. We respond promptly to ideas, suggestions from our employees, partners & most importantly to our Customers… that helps our Employees to evolve & grow.
  • Team Work : Each member of MediITTM is very much clear about the Mission & Vision of MediITTM, &, in turn their own importance in the team... That's where the Company's strength lies… The team MediITTM is committed to the Goals set in the given time span & is ready for continuous improvement.
  • Quality & Standards : To match with international quality standards and other necessary standards for services & products we deliver.
  • Effective Communication : Within the team MediITTM gives every member clarity of their Roles & Responsibilities. Effective Communication also helps us to understand the need of our customers

HealthyYou Team

Dr. Samir Tapiawala
Founder, CEO

Doctor by education, entrepreneur by profession and innovative thinker by nature- Samir personifies it all. His interest in IT combined with the educational qualification of being a homoeopath took him to the world of HealthyYou. Sam-as he is fondly called, is a front runner in innovation inside as well as outside the organization. The approachability and the enthusiasm he shows in solving issues of any type sets him apart from the run of the mill MDs. He dreams of serving people from all cadres of life irrespective of the most significant differentiating factor-MONEY.

Dr. Suchita Tapiawala
Director, Operations

How to create personal relation with everyone in an organization? Yes you can learn that from Suchita. Homoeopath by profession, she is actively involved in the day to day running of the organization and her inputs are making HealthyYou robust by day. She is a mirror for the organization who points finger at the shortcomings and encourages the people/processes to come up and set a benchmark.

Chetan Patil
Director, IT

Chetan is Product Head and technical architect of HealthyYou Card product family solution. Prior to MediIT Chetan helped his company Cascade IT Solutions to create Business Intelligence Solution product. Chetan had worked with Findability Sciences Pvt. Ltd. where he designed and implemented MS CRM Dynamics solutions for United Ways Of America.

Chetan is Microsoft certified professional & have completed his Engineering Degree from VIT, University Of Pune, India.

Vinod P Venu
Director, Sales & Business Development

Vinod, developing the business is entrusted on the considerably broad shoulders of Vinod. He manages his energetic lot of associates and his subtle way of managing people gives them the space to express and improve by themselves. His one liners and jokes with thick underlining of sarcasm is well received by the HealthyYou team. Looked upon as the number guy who will cater to Samir, he is on his way of adding up numbers with his wonderful team.

Healthy You Card, Healthy You Patient, Healthy You, Healthy You EHR, EHR, electronic health record, HYEHR
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