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Our Mission:

  • To improve the health of your employee
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce the cost of medical benefits

Smarter is a healthy, productive workforce

HealthyYou Features

High Tech + High Touch = High Impact

  • Creative technology
  • Health coaching
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Government Organisations

    Government organisations are the pillars on which growth and development of the country are dependent. Health of Government employees is an integral part of the growth of the country. Healthy employee is more creative as well as productive. As rightly quoted, “Healthy workforce is a more productive workforce”.

    For a more productive and creative government, we require healthy employees. Thus, Healthier Government, Progressive Country.

  • Private Sector

    The private sector is that part of the economy which is run by private individuals or groups, usually as a means of enterprise for profit. Not only are these organisations self regulated by applying higher standards creating bench mark for global business but contribute highly to the country’s economy through foreign investment and taxes. Like the government employees even the private sector employees’ health is equally important and should be well looked after

  • Banks

    Banker’s health is country’s wealth. Given the increasing competition and rapidly changing lifestyle, there is greater need for activities to maintain the good health of bank employees. We believe that an employee’s health has an impact on motivation, innovation and delivery, which influences end results.

    Thus, employee’s health and welfare are key management prerogatives directly involving the chief executive officer, chief human resources officer, chief finance officer and other business heads.

One Size… Fits One…

A customized solution for organisations and tailored programmes for individuals

You want the best health care benefits for your employees. But in today’s economic climate, controlling costs is critical. HealthyYou helps you to achieve both goals. Our innovative health plans are proven to cut costs and save money without compromising access to high quality care for your employees.

We provide the latest technology to help your employees become more involved in their health care. With HealthyYou, your employees are twice as likely to actively plan for their health and consider their options. This helps them avoid unexpected illnesses through preventive healthcare, like helping coordinate their health plan with their doctor.

We offer an array of wellness programs that can help keep your whole workforce healthy and productive, which is our mission

Corporate Services

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