Child Health

We owe it to the children of our country to protect and promote their health. The dream of a healthy and developed society can be achieved by concrete effortsHealthy You School, Healthy You card school, Healthy You School Child health and initiatives in a systematic manner. It is well known that the early years of a child's life are most critical for both survival and development. Equitable child health care and early detection and treatment can be the most pragmatic initiative or rather, solution at this juncture!

The aim is to screen children from 0 to 18 years for ‘4 Ds’ i.e. Diseases, Deficiencies, Development delays and Disabilities.

Toddlers being commonly affected by various nutritional deficiencies and developmental delays, if not intervened timely, may lead to permanent disabilities.

Children are also commonly affected by toothaches (dental caries), ear aches (otitis media), reactive airway diseases (breathing problems) etc. which can be cured if detected early.Healthy You School, Healthy You card school, Healthy You School Child Development

Early intervention and prompt management can prevent these conditions to progress into more severe and debilitating forms, thereby reducing absenteeism due to sickness thus improving school attendance.

This in turn relieves anxiety and suffering of parents.

Health Awareness

HealthyYou is launching multiple comprehensive health awareness programs by bringing together parents, teachers and healthcare providers to make sure that the children are benefited Healthy You School, Healthy You card school, Healthy You School Health Awareness

This will effect change in their respective institutions and become an important part of the main objective i.e. upliftment of the society.


Parent's most important concern is abouth their child's health, development and progress. Children's

health is a reflection of their physical, mental and social balancing. Parents, now a days, are getting

more concious about their child's food, exercise and sleep. Moreover it is equally important to get their

regular check-ups done by professional, which can serve as a regulator of their development. If during

such consultation health issues are identified, preventive as well as therapeutic steps can be taken.

This can also help in reduction of complication (if any major illness is detected) and hence reduce in

absentism from school.

HealthyYou team, comprising of healthcare entre-preneurs, believes in providin the best services

to all. Our special interest being children, we provide door step HealthCare delivery at door-step.

Our Services:

1. Doctors in the School Premises
2. Annual Check-ups

3. Counselling Services
4. Vaccination and Immunization - Records & Reminders

5. Emergency Services
6. HealthLine

Healthline +91 22 7123-1234