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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HealthyYouEHR?

It is an Electronic Health Record software which unlike conventional Paper / file records & stores health records of your patients online.

2. How is it better than paper records?

Paper records can easily get destroyed, but Electronic Health Records remain safe on the internet. Since HealthyYouEHR is 'online' system, your patients' health Records are accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. You can download & take print outs whenever required.

3. How much it will cost me?

HealthyYouEHR is absolutely free of cost to healthcare providers for lifetime.

4. How many patients can I add in HealthyYouEHR ?

HealthyYouEHR offers you storage for unlimited number of patients.

5. Can I access HealthyYouEHR from my mobile?

Yes. Accessing HealthyYouEHR is like accessing your e-mails or social media accounts from your Smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. You need to create your user ID and Password from the link sent on your Email Account from HealthyYou Team.

6. Who can view my Electronic Health Record?

Apart from you, your patients can view their own health records. Patients can't edit them.

7. How e- Referral works for me?

One click of application will send your referral request to other consultants/diagnostic centers registered with HealthyYouEHR. You can also share clinical data.

8. How will I get register with HealthyYouEHR ?

To Register yourself as new member: Click here. On submitting the data, you will receive a call in 24 to 48 hours for further procedures.

You can also call HealthyYou Healthline +91 22 7123-1234. Our Associate will contact you for further assistance.