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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Healthcard?

Healthcard is a smart-card that contains your health related information.

What information does it contain?

Following information it carries:

How is it Useful?

It provides detailed information, to your doctor, about your health.
It can be extremely helpful when you are not able convey details for yourself.

Who should carry a Healthcard?

Everyone! The healthcard contains all your information at one place, hence making it easy for medical personnel to make a safe decision for you.

Why carry a Healthcard?

Reasons to carry Healthcard:

How does it work?

Once you enrol, the card you will receive will contain your basic information (that you had filled in the form).

This information is securely stored electronically on our server (in the form of an EHR i.e. Electronic Health Record), which is auto-upgradable. This will be stored under a unique user Id provided by HealthyYou

On your visit to your doctor, doctor directly enters your current clinical data under your id. In case if he asks any investigations, he directly refers it to the lab you choose (Either by brand or by locality), you can get sms alert for the instructions/preparation for the test and appointment time.

As you go to the lab, your tests are performed and as soon as reports are ready, they are uploaded under your HY-Id. Sms/email will be sent for the same to your doctor, and he can see your reports online.

As per the need, he makes a new prescription or makes changes in the older one, he can send the prescription to you by sms/email and copy of the same will be sent to the chemist you selected (from HY Search Engine by Brand or Locality), so that you get your medication.

Completely integrating healthcare system for saving time, papers as well as travelling hassles.

Which other services will I get?

Other features include:

How do I get my Healthcard?

You just need to fill up this form or you can contact your family doctor or nearby chemist, and your healthcard will be delivered to you.

How much does it cost?

We have several feature-based different plans for you and your family members, for details click here

How do I renew my subscription, if it expires?

You can renew it online, or you can contact your family doctor, chemist, or you can directly call our Healthline +91-22-7123 1234

What if I lose my Healthcard?

In case your card is lost, stolen or damaged, you just contact our Healthline +91-22-7123 1234 or write to