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In the present busy scenario, we tend to forget minute details about a lot of things especially of our lifestyle and health. By means of healthy you card, we just need to do a one time uploading of our details and there we are set to explore a wide variety of doctors and chemists. With an added advantage of backing up our health records online, we can avail of doctors assistance whenever and wherever.

Bijal Vora

I find HealthyYou is a unique and useful service. In these modern times when maintaing medical records is necessary and yet it is challenging at such time HealthyYou support is boon to all. The team of HealthyYou is very proactive and they rightly understand the need of patients. I wish all the best to them.

Sunil Valawalkar

I am a businessman and I dont have time to keep a regular check on my health. Sometime ago I signed up with HealthyYou which is a system that has helped me maintain my past and current medical records in a very systematic manner. This has made health tracking for me so easy that I can even upload & view my medical records when I am travelling. I can even see what my Doctors are entering for me in my health account. I am lucky I found HealthyYou!!

Pramod Ranade

My daughter is 2 and half years old. I have registered with HealthyYou in her name. What I like best about HealthyYou apart from its medical records storing feature is that they have an inbuilt Vaccination and a Growth chart that I refer to for my daughter's vaccination needs. It is extremely helpful. I recommend HealthyYou to all newbie mothers. Thank you HealthyYou for helping me.

Sonal Savla